More Color

Rosa Rugosa and Virginia Creeper.

I’m fighting the seasonal blues. The turn to autumn has been sharp this year, after an unusually summery September. My body’s fighting the adjustment to cool temperatures and less light. I really don’t want to go into the darker months.

Poison Ivy.

So I took a long walk: a bit over seven and a half miles. It did me good.

I don’t know mushroom species at all… but this one looks like a box turtle shell.

For a gray, misty afternoon, the dunes were full of color. Perhaps a result of the magnificent September weather, there’s a lot of flowers still blooming, as the foliage turns and the mushrooms show themselves. 

As a painter, I’m always looking for color in this landscape. Sure, there’s always green and gray and blue and whatever color sand is… but it’s the little beats of color that often make a painting work.

Today looks to be sunny, so hopefully my mood and the colors will continue to shine.

Symphyotrichum laeve (smooth aster).


Reindeer Lichten

Beach Pea

Golden Rod


Swamp Maples turning red.

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