Great Island at sunset on 28 December 2021.

Last Tuesday Cole and I walked to the edge of Great Island, but we lost the light before we could make it to Jeremy Point. The days are getting longer, but not long enough to make a real afternoon of walking. I’m thrilled we’re half-way out of the dark, but I’ll be even happier when we get a full afternoon before sunset!

I’m thinking about resolutions this week. What will I make of 2022? And, reflectively, what did I make of 2021? Given the uncertainty of the world, I feel sheepish in my optimism. The last year was a time of big change for me — I left my full-time professorship in order to do more community work and commit more deeply to making art — and I’m happy with all I’ve been able to achieve in the studio. I’m feeling good about my ‘to do’ list in 2022.

Fieldguide has been a tremendous success, and I’m enormously grateful to the many people who’ve joined me on this project. Together we’ve raised more that $20,000 for Provincetown Commons. Those funds will be used to subsidize studios for emerging artists, support exhibition space for up-and-coming practitioners, and continue to provide high-quality work space for telecommuters and local small business owners. Your support is a critical part of preserving and building the creative community on the Outer Cape.

Great Island Meadow on 28 December 2021.

This is the mid-point for the first part of my field research. Given that I’m committed to doing this work across all four seasons, that’s a convoluted way of saying I’m a quarter into it. I’m a bit behind on posting a few journal entries that have been in the works for weeks now, but I look forward to catching up in January — and to charting some fresh paths. There’s an austere beauty to this landscape in deep winter and one of my several resolutions is to walk at least six miles a day in January and February. I also look forward to ‘walking with spring’ and documenting the glorious reawakening of Cape Cod after that.

My best wishes to you for a glorious New Year!

Field Guide: Walking & Painting on Cape Cod 
is a fundraiser to support Provincetown Commons’ artist studios, co-working facility, meeting spaces and exhibition gallery. Please donate at our website:

One thought on “Resolutions

  1. Thanks for
    The journey, I look forward to learning more and the way you
    Document everything is really something to look forward to. Happy New Year to you!!!


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